Logistics and transport

We perform direct transportation and contract transportation. If necessary, we can make use of the best commercial partners on the market. The logistics area of Transvecta represents the perfect functioning of transports and correctness of documentation. Transports take place either through the company fleet, as well as through long-standing Company Partners. The company carries out both processed and recycled transportation. The recycled can be material derived from demolitions, material processed in quarries or recovered material. The transportation service is also carried out through the brokering service. Transvecta carries out both the delivery of the material - that goes to recovery - as well as disposal. In this case it is transported to the landfill, destroyed and no longer used.

Transvecta SRL, Pavoni SPA e Vida sostengono Terres des Hommes e per questo Natale invitano i propri clienti, dipendenti e partner ad unirsi a loro e fare una donazione al fondo per bambini in fuga della guerra di terre des Hommes per portare un aiuto concreto a sempre più bambini.

(cliccando scarichi l'IBAN di Terres des Hommes)