Characterization and analyses

To determine whether a waste can be treated at a specific disposal or recovery facility, it is mandatory to follow a characterization process of the waste, which includes its Legal Classification and what is called the Characterization Analysis.

Transvecta impeccably performs this type of activities. In particular, it analyzes, studies and solves every issue of environmental aspects starting from the type of waste.

The characterization of the waste carried out by the company allows for safe disposal.

Proper characterization-which only competent and experienced staff can perform - relieves the producer of the waste from any responsibility.

In fact, it is essential to turn to serious and competent professionals because classifying and characterizing the waste is always a delicate and often complex operation, which, if wrong, involves a series of consequences both from a civil and criminal point of view.

Characterization of the waste is verified by feedback with analyses carried out at accredited laboratories. The whole process is aimed at offering the best technical/commercial solutions to the client.

Be careful because characterization is a different thing from classification. They are governed by different laws and have different objectives and purposes.

Waste recovery also requires chemical analyses.