Waste Brokering

Transvecta is authorized to carry out the transportation of waste to its destination. In addition to this service, Transvecta also performs the service known as "brokering without detention" i.e. the organization and management of the waste up to the intended destination without carrying out transportation.
It is then organized and arranged transportation, any analyses, documents and verification of all requirements, including the selection of the most suitable facility for disposal. All areas of the company are involved in crosswise, from logistics to transportation, to quotes and administrative office. The client always has a single contact person.
Analyses are carried out by technical experts, by accredited or Transvecta-owned laboratories, to continue with characterization and transport, including also all the bureaucratic and documentary part.
Transvecta's staff, thanks to its experience of now thirty years in the waste treatment sector, is able to move with familiarity within the complex world of waste treatment.
All environmental issues are analyzed. If the client already has the Analyses, he is not obliged to repeat them.