Recupera srl

We are authorised to perform operations of storage (R13) and treatment (R5) of special non-hazardous waste for an annual quantity of 300,000 tonnes.Our plant is authorised pursuant to Article 208 of Legislative Decree 152/06 as amended and supplemented by Executive Order no. 1194/2022 of 29.04.2022. The Permit provides for the storage of the following maximum quantities:

  • 32,535 m3 for the storage (R13) of special and urban non-hazardous waste.
  • 12,000 m3 for the storage (R13) of treated waste (aggregates) awaiting analysis and EoW (End of Waste) certification
  • 90,000 m3 for EoW storage.

Thanks to our technologically interconnected facilities, we are specialised in the treatment of waste also from remediation sites.

We have the most modern and advanced technology for the treatment of special non-hazardous waste, using the EoW process.
From waste treatment we produce:

  • Aggregates for unbound and bound materials with hydraulic binders for use in civil engineering works and road construction, CE-marked with attestation level 2+ and in accordance with the industry technical standards UNI EN 13242:2008.
  • Soils according to UNI 11531-1:2014 'Criteria for the use of materials - soils and unbound aggregate mixtures.
    Our organisation has a management manual for the CE marking of aggregates, which stipulates that all sampling and analysis must be performed by an accredited laboratory

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